WELCOME TO CARPENTERIA 

                                                                                        “A small town coastal community.”

A relaxed and charming small town ambiance makes this close-knit community of approximately 15,000 people a great place to call home and a delightful place to visit. Unlike other towns of its size that must rely on a single enterprise -- such as residential, agricultural, business or tourist endeavors -- Carpinteria incorporates all of these things to maintain its place as a vibrant and truly self-sustaining community. Its charming downtown core offers a diverse selection of restaurants, shops and small businesses, while its residential choices fill the spectrum, from modest bungalows, to beachside condominiums and multi-million dollar estates.


  • Environmental diversity

  • Laid back, small town

  • Substantial employment opportunities

  • Locally owned main street

  • Unspoiled beaches and coastline


Carpinteria, called “Carp” by the locals, is a quaint town characterized by its calm and charming  way of life. The community is close knit and together they run and manage the main downtown street Linden Avenue. This area populated with mom and pop stores and restaurants is a large part of the charm. With the locals close connection to nature and the outdoors, Carp is ideally easy to navigate and get around. There is a trolly system, but most residents choose to ride a bike, walk, or scooter around. Altogether, it is the perfect town for those who enjoy a slower but active lifestyle. 


Carpinteria has an extensive list of unique experiences, from natural wonders to festivals and various club organizations. One large attraction is the Carpinteria Salt Marsh which is administered by the Natural Reserve System of the University of California. Another is the Wardholme Torrey Pine, the largest known Torrey Pine tree in the world located in downtown Carp. The California Avocado Festival has been a beloved attraction in October since 1987 and is definitely something not to miss! In addition to being a huge beach down, Carpinteria is also home to one of  the main equestrian polo fields in the country, home to the Santa Barbara Polo Club. If your interest is in career options,, an online software trainer company ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. has its headquarters in town. There is a diverse appeal to many in this special coastal town.


 Linden Avenue is the main destination for gourmet cafes, antique shops, and all your other shopping or dining experiences. Charming is the best characteristic for the area, which leads to one of the area's finest gems, Carpinteria State Beach. Named the “world’s safest beach,” this stunning coastline satisfies all your beach day wants, and even a little more with its unique ensemble of tide pools and ocean life you can stumble upon. For your dining needs, Carp has a variety of unique spots. One actually being “The Spot,” a delicious quick food stop most notable for their delicious burgers. Some other great spots include Padaro Beach Grill and Rincon Brewery, which were named some of 2021’s favorites stops of the area.  


 Balancing recreation with education, Carpinteria is proud of the variety and well known schools in its district. 

  • Pacifica Graduate Institute 

  • Cate Boarding School 

  • Carpinteria High School


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