The Mansion From 'Scarface' is Now For Sale

Maureen McDermut

Want To Buy a Famous (or Infamous) Home in Montecito?

There is always a lot of chatter when a celebrity or famous person lists their Montecito home for sale, or purchases a home in the area. Think of all the news stories that were published when Harry & Meghan moved here, or when Ellen lists one of her rehab projects. When it comes to Montecito real estate, there is never a shortage of famous homes hitting the market. However, one of the more famous houses in the area just went up for sale, and it is one that served as the setting for a very popular film. The movie is none other than "Scarface" which starred Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer and was directed by Brian De Palma. 

The History of the 'Scarface Mansion'

The "Scarface mansion" (as it is now known) was actually built well before the movie came out or anyone involved with it was even born. The home, dubbed El Fureidis, completed construction in 1906, and was designed by Bertram Goodhue. The home originally belonged to a prominent real estate tycoon named James Waldron Gillespie. He wanted his home built in Montecito due to the Mediterranean-like climate, and had the home designed with all of the usual trappings of a Montecito estate.

Over the years, the home has had a few owners, one of the most notable being Thomas Mann. Over the years, guests of the home have included Albert Einstein and John F. Kennedy. When you look at the home, the stucco exterior, beautiful fountains and 10 acre surroundings give you the sense of opulence and wealth that made the home an ideal setting for the tale of excess that "Scarface" was. 

The interior and exterior are pure Mediterranean revival design. Despite having been updated with more modern comforts, the house itself retains the old-world regality it was originally intended to. Inside, you will find domed ceilings, elaborate tile mosaics and beautiful marble floors.

Where is the mansion from 'Scarface' located?

Nestled just in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains, the mansion is less than 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The 10 acre grounds also boast some elaborate layered gardens, pools, and terraces, which served as the backdrop to the iconic wedding scene in the film. The stunning views of the mountains are also easily seen via curated walking paths throughout the property. 

The home, due to its location, offers significant privacy which is ideal for those looking to 'get away from it all' while still living in Montecito. For Montecito homebuyers that wish to have a home with a story, this is an ideal property.

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