Selling a Home In Santa Barbara During The Holidays

Maureen McDermut

Selling a Home In Santa Barbara During The Holidays

There is a lot of advice out there stating that you shouldn't list your Santa Barbara home for sale during the holidays. There is an equal amount of advice out there stating that you SHOULD list your Santa Barbara home for sale during the holidays. Understanding the reality of listing your home during the holiday season can be difficult with so much conflicting information from experts floating around. So let's unpack the advice and determine whether selling your home during the holidays is a good idea or not.

Is Selling Your Home During the Holidays Harder?

Much of the advice that tells you to wait to list your home until after the holidays claims that it is harder to get your home sold during the holiday season. There are no shortage of reasons why this advice makes sense on the surface:

  • Many people are on vacation during the holidays, so they won't even be able to attend an open house or schedule a showing.
  • Most people are busy with family obligations and won't want to think about buying a house until after the holiday season.
  • Many potential sellers are also waiting to list their homes until after the holidays.

However, there are some facts that contradict these statements:

  • Many people still need to find a home to buy, regardless of the time of year.
  • While some people are vacationing or traveling, many are not.
  • Having other sellers waiting means your home can get extra attention from seriously motivated homebuyers.

The lower inventory or lack of new listings during the month of December can work to your benefit when it comes to listing your home at the price you want and also getting the offer you're looking for. It wouldn't necessarily be harder, and data shows that the time of year a home is listed really doesn't impact whether it sells quickly or not, as many other factors play a bigger role.

Are There Special Considerations When Listing Your Home During the Holiday Season?

There are definitely some considerations to keep in mind when listing your home for sale during the holiday season. A top selling Santa Barbara Realtor can help you understand some of these dependencies and prepare for them. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Decorations: Keep your decorations minimal and neutral. Overly personalized or thematic decor can distract potential buyers from the home itself. Aim for a warm, welcoming atmosphere that allows buyers to envision themselves in the space.
  • Keep curb appeal top of mind: Maintain curb appeal even in colder weather. This includes clearing snow and ice from walkways and driveways, and ensuring that the exterior is well-lit, given the shorter daylight hours.
  • Keep your home available for showings: The holiday season can be busy, but it’s important to remain flexible for showings. People who are house-hunting during this time are often serious buyers, so accommodating their schedules can be beneficial.
  • Emotional appeal: The holiday season often evokes a sense of warmth and family. Emphasize aspects of your home that align with these feelings, such as a cozy living room or a spacious dining area for family gatherings.

There are, of course, many other factors to keep in mind, but many of these are dependent on your particular needs and wants. Be openminded to different suggestions and ideas and you will get your home sold during the holidays.

Will the Lack of Competition Help or Hinder My Home Sale During the Holidays?

The biggest point of contention about listing a Santa Barbara home for sale during the holidays is whether or not competition will help or hurt your sale. When it comes to the lack of competition of homes on the market, it can make your home stand out that it is even listed. A competitive pricing strategy can help attract motivated buyers to your home.

However, there may be a lack of competition on the buy side as well. You might see fewer offers, but the offers you do receive are going to be from motivated Santa Barbara homebuyers, giving you an edge in that respect. It is important to think through what is motivating you to sell your home. If you are needing to sell due to a change in your job or other major life event, then you might need to be more openminded about pricing and negotiations than if you're moving for other reasons. 

So, Is Selling Your Home During the Holidays a Good Idea?

The real answer is: it depends on your situation, needs, and wants. If you are on a time crunch, then you might not have much of a choice in some matters, but you may also have more control than you think. If you are just testing the waters of getting your home sold, your flexibility will benefit you in many ways. The best advice will be to hire a Santa Barbara real estate expert to help you position your home in the best possible way to get it sold for top dollar quickly.



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