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Maureen McDermut

The Paint Color Trends of 2022

Paint does more than coat the walls of a room. 

The color you choose can showcase personality, evoke emotion, and even make a space look bigger!

That is why once yearly, all the big paint and color companies come out with their colors of the year.

Whether you're renovating to sell or want to jazz up your favorite rooms, here are the latest paint trends to consider and how to use them during your next home improvement project.

The Psychology of Paint Colors

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as the psychology of paint.

Being a simple yet highly effective design tool, paint can evoke mood changes, create a sense of comfort, or trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is. 

It's all about finding colors that make a room as cozy or spacious as possible and selecting colors that make you feel good. When done right, color can create a remarkable experience, transforming your home into an expression of your style. 

The Top Paint Trends of 2022

Each year, the top color experts and paint companies choose their "colors of the year" — often drawing on trends in fashion, pop culture, design, and technology from around the globe. 

Whether your go-to brand is Behr or Valspar, learning what's trending across the industry can help you make the perfect selection of paints for your upcoming reno or home makeover. Here is what some of the top brands are recommending, plus how you can use these suggestions to enhance the rooms in your house. 

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's Color Trends 2022 Palette 

includes 14 hues, offering endless combinations that ensure effortless harmony. These colors were chosen based on their "modern-day relevance and long-lasting appeal."

The company's top pick is October Mist, which evokes the silver-green stem of a flower. Acting as a canvas for other colors, this hue allows for plenty of creativity.


The BEHR Color Trends 2022 Palette offers 20 hues that will "ignite newfound passions and enhance every corner of your home."

Breezeway was the top pick, inspired by the hue "where the sea meets the sky." The idea of this color is to bring a breath of fresh air into any space. It is being used on everything from kitchen cabinetry to front doors, bedroom walls, to office walls. For effortless styling, harmonize with shades of white, grey, and natural wood tones. 


For 2022, Valspar chose colors that come from nature, intending to bring a calming, comfortable presence into any home. The Valspar Colors of the Year. 

Several colors would be perfect for either freshening up a room or preparing your home for sale from Valspar's collection. One of the best choices for either would be Blanched Thyme. Designed to be a "focus" color, this green hue offers you the perfect color for a home office. Paint a room this color and put a wood desk in when staging to help buyers visualize their new work from home space.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your home with new colors, or looking for the best colors to attract buyers, you can't go wrong with these selections.

Understanding what buyers are looking for, down the smallest detail, is the job of a real estate professional. Contact top selling Santa Barbara Realtor Maureen McDermut today.



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