There are many things homeowners hoping to sell their Montecito property can do to ensure a quick sale and top dollar for their home.  First and foremost, it is a great idea to get the advice of a seasoned and trusted realtor.  They know the market and know where it is best to put a little extra time and money into your home before putting it on the market.  Some fixes and improvements could really help your home sell and some others are best left to the new owners.  Your realtor can also run a comparative market analysis for your Montecito property.  This is important so that you can see what similar homes in your area are selling for and make sure that the price you have in mind is appropriate.  

It is currently a seller’s market out there, so there is no reason to camp out and wait for property values to rise before putting your Montecito real estate on the market.  New home construction is running behind the demand for homes as there have been many improvements in the job sector and the economy.  There are buyers out there, so getting your house in tip top shape and pricing it correctly will go a long way in getting a fast sale for the most money.