Live in Santa Barbara and go to the Granada.Come to the Granada Theatre on Tuesday, March 29th to see the critically-acclaimed musical Ragtime.  Based on an E.L. Doctorow novel and set in early 20th century New York, Ragtime is a show that explores one of the lives of three very different people living in this tumultuous period, whose lives are nevertheless intertwined.  Theatre-goers who live in Santa Barbara will follow the stories of Mother, the upper-class, suburban wife, living in New Rochelle, who is searching for a way to make her sheltered life her own.  Meet Tateh and his daughter, Eastern European Jewish immigrants working to make a life in America.  Finally, the audience will meet Coalhouse Walker Jr., a pianist from Harlem who is pioneering the new style of music called ragtime.

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Families who live in Santa Barbara might want to bring their older children to the show to give them a close look at this period in American history.  The show is recommended for kids 10 and older.  A show at this sumptuous Santa Barbara property is a great way to introduce them to the joys of live theatre.  People of all ages will find a lot to think about after watching Ragtime.  

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