Elings Park is very special to many who own Santa Barbara real estate.  It was founded 40 years ago, with the idea that it should be open to all Santa Barbara home owners yet not dependent on tax dollars to stay open.  Today, Elings Park is a fully self-supporting park, welcoming visitors every day of the year.  Every member of your household is welcome at Elings, including your four-footed friends.  The Elings Park Dog Owners Group (EPDOG) is a partnership between dog owners and the park.  Membership entitles members to explore the 230 acres of the park in the company of their dogs.  Dogs may be on leash or off leash, but their owners must have leashes in hand for safety reasons. 
Play Ball Near Santa Barbara Homes at  Elings Park

Come anytime the park is open and let your dogs run free in the rolling hills of Elings Park. Owners are asked to keep dogs away from areas that are reserved for a special event, but other than that, the park is completely open. Mutt mitts are provided for owners to clean up after their pets. Dishes for water are provided at the soccer and softball fields and the bathrooms at Godric Grove. There are also doggie drinking fountains between ball fields 2 and 3.

Santa Barbara home owners can help support Elings Park by purchasing an EPDOG membership for $125 a year per dog for new members. Returning members only cost $100. Owners with several dogs can take advantage of special pricing. Sign up two dogs and get a third free.

To get more details, visit the EPDOG website.