Schedule maintenance for your Santa Barbara real estate.

The new year is a great time to get your Santa Barbara real estate into shape, whether you’re planning on selling your Santa Barbara property or just want to get on a good maintenance schedule.  If you’re looking over your yearly budget, add a line for home maintenance and emergency repairs.  Experts recommend planning to spend from one to four percent of the value of the home on repairs and maintenance.

It’s a wet winter, so you want to have your furnace in top shape.  Schedule an inspection and cleaning to keep it working smoothly.  Have the technician take a look at your air conditioner, too, so it’s ready to go for summer.  Hire a chimney sweep if you use fireplaces regularly.  If you have a gas log, be sure that all the connections are working properly.

A garage door isn’t something we think of needing maintenance, but it does.  This should cost between $40 and $100.  The technician will check to make sure that all hardware is tight and that moving parts are lubricated and working smoothly.  This will keep things moving correctly and safely.  Another appliance you might not think of needing regular maintenance is your refrigerator.  Extend its life and cooling ability by cleaning its condenser coils on a regular basis.  You can hire a professional or get a coil brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner and do it yourself.  

Regular maintenance of the major appliances at your Santa Barbara real estate will keep you enjoying your property longer.